Our Process


Research establishes the backbone of every project, uncovering target personas, business goals and insights that we then integrate into our design process. Every element is made to stand on its own, allowing requirements to adapt quickly and without delay.


Our vast experience in the Media and B2B space gives us the right mix of creativity and control, allowing us to design inspiring experiences that delight and engage users. Through iterative design, the experience adapts to behavioral data backed by research.



Our developers’ passion for code combined with a penchant for problem-solving means every design is built with integration in mind. No matter the technology stack or business solution you’ve built your business on, our development process is built to adapt.  


Each experience we build and design is engineered to deliver results and adapt to the realities of interactive development. Through on-going testing and analysis, we uncover efficiencies and obstacles before they grow into missed opportunities and project roadblocks.

Our Team


Aaron P. Bailey

Founder and President

Aaron Bailey founded 601am in 2007 after a career helping Manhattan publishers learn how to do a new thing called "blogging." The company is named after the time he was born, sorta. Ask to hear the story. He heads 601am's business development efforts and makes sure the entire team is successfully delivering value to clients.

mike emily

Mike Emily

Director of Client Experience

Born and raised a mile high, Mike is a proud Colorado native and Denver dweller. With an educational background in foreign language and business, Mike works hard to ensure clients are happy, their projects are on time, and their budgets aren't blown.


Andrew Dederich

Director of Technology

Having worked his way up from technical support, to web application engineer, Andrew now leads 601am's development team to create innovative solutions while cultivating working relationships. Andrew's interests include German cars, mountain sports, cheese and kringle (The best pastry known to any Wisconsinite).


Betsy Fraisse-Bailey

Director of Operations

Betsy got her start in the online publishing industry in New York City, working for American Express Publishing and Harris Interactive. When she isn't coordinating support for 601am's global clients, she loves to travel throughout Europe and play volleyball.


Julia Mayhugh

Designer and Developer

Julia has almost 20 years experience in design, user experience, and web development. After moving to Colorado from the east coast in 2008 to study painting at Rocky Mountain College of Design, she has over 6 years of Drupal development and design and is currently teaching herself iOS development.


Hughie Devore


Hughie is a recent transplant to Denver, CO by way of Austin, TX. He's a passionate web developer with a history in data analytics and web programming for the financial services industry. In his free time he loves to play music, code and explore the outdoors with his wife and dog.


Jeff Shamley


Jeff Shamley has experiences in Drupal, WordPress and JavaScript development. When not creating killer online experiences Jeff rides bikes, drinks beer and yells at football on TV.